Ubuntu: PDF to word conversion software?


Is there any free software available on Ubuntu that can convert a pdf file to a .doc file?


openoffice (or alternatively the libreoffice fork) both have pdf import plugins and .doc export functionality... though both aspects suffer from conversion issues AFAIK. By this I mean that the conversion fidelity isn't always 100%.

Abiword also works in a similar way, if OpenOffice doesn't work on your system.


Download Abiword from Ubuntu Software Center or you can install it by typing following command in terminal:

sudo apt-get install abiword  

Then perform the conversion:

abiword --to=doc example.pdf  


I've had great success with PDF to Word online. This is not a desktop application, but a service, that works better than other things I've used.


Install AbiWord from Ubuntu Software Center

Open Pdf Files with it.

Use Save As.. to save pdf in Word Doc format.

Its this easy :)


I prefer converting PDF files first to HTML using pdftohtml included in the poppler-utils package, for example by means of a Nautilus Script merely consisting of this command:

pdftohtml -noframes -q -p -c "$1" "${1%\.pdf}-img.html"  

Then I open the resulting HTML file in LibreOffice Writer, and (after a little editing) Save As any other document format I like.

Note: Adding -i parameter to the command above produces HTML file without images.


Not free, but PDF Studio, an alternative to Adobe Acrobat that works on Linux will do that. So if you have other PDF needs that you need filled, take a look at PDF Studio.

The free demo is available for download on the Ubuntu/Canonical Store.

When opening a word document (.doc or .docx) in PDF Studio, it is automatically converted to PDF on the fly.

There is also an option to convert multiple Word documents to PDF as a batch under Batch -> Convert a Batch.

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