Ubuntu: Partition hardware as windows when installing ubuntu


how can I partition my hardware when install Ubuntu as windows until when I want to re-install Ubuntu my data remain?

let me clarify you : when you install windows you partition your hardware to 4 drive and then install windows in drive C and after months you want to re-install windows so you install windows in drive C again and when install it all your data which are in drive D, E, F will remain


I believe that I understand what you want, and here is what I think. If you want to keep data after uninstalling ubuntu and reinstalling windows, there is a nice program you can get from apt in a live cd named Os Uninstaller, this program, once you've installed it removes operating system partitions for you, but, it creates a small partition named files, which acts as like a purgatory for the files, where it's your choice whether to move them and delete the so-called "purgatory partition" or to simply format the partition into your main, say - windows partition. then you can keep all the files you had with ubuntu, yet not have the operating system. I hope this answered the question you did have.


If I understood you correctly, you may find this link and this link useful.

Like in Windows, in Ubuntu you can split the drive in multiple partitions.

When installing Ubuntu, you can choose to install the system in one partition (the / directory) and your user files in another partition (the /home directory). Then, when you reinstall the system, you can keep your user files intact (but you should always do a backup before!). Consult the two links above for more information.

Also, Ubuntu doesn't use drive letters like C:. Instead, everything is inside the root directory (/), and other partitions are "mounted" into some folder inside it (like /home). So, / can be in one partition while /home, even though it's inside /, can be in another partition (even in another computer).

During install, choose "Something else" to setup the partitions manually (be careful with it, though).

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