Ubuntu: Partioning a dual SSD & HDD latop, complete guide


I have bought a nice Asus Zeenbok, one with a 30GB SSD and a 500GB HDD.

Can anybody help me with a complete guide to partitioning the two? I can figure and judge the sizes myself, and I have tried one set-up, based on answers from similar questions in here, but it didn't work well, as I choose a few partitions rather randomly, in my lack of understanding all the partitions.

I would like to utilize the 30GB for Ubuntu and maybe the software I'm going to install, and I've realized that keeping all documents, /tmp and other data on the HDD would be better. I have no intentions to dual-boot with Windows, which I can see many similar questions ask for.


Keep it simple: / goes on SSD, /home goes on HDD. Problem solved.


I recommend you to use bcache. It will use your SSD as caching device for your HDD. I thing that it is the best thing that 30GB SSD can do.

Current Ubuntu Distribution Installer don't support creating bcache devices, so you need to install everything on HDD as usual, create empty partition on SSD. Then follow one of this tutorials:

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