Ubuntu: Package other than calibre for converting an RSS feed's entries to an ebook


Is there a package in the repositories (other than Calibre) that could be used to take an RSS feed and convert the entries into an ebook for reading?

Calibre seems a bit too bulky to use to simply grab a single feed and spit out the entries as perhaps an epub.

Calibre has a manual section for grabbing RSS feeds but I am not too keen on fiddling with Python.


You can extract xml to text with just bash and wget.


# Setup  URI=http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/index_rss.xml  LINES=20 #max number of lines  EXEC="wget -q -O temp.temp"  clear    # Start  $EXEC $URI  cat temp.temp | grep title |\    # use sed loop to delete all LFs bar last line  sed ':a;N;$!ba;s/\n/ /g' |\    #replace all titles and descriptions with LFs  sed -e 's/<title>/\n\n/g' |\  sed -e 's/<description>/\n/g' |\    # uncook  sed -e 's/&lt;/</g' |\  sed -e 's/&gt;/>/g' |\  sed -e 's/nbsp;/ /g' |\  sed -e 's/&amp;/+/g' |\    #delete URLs  sed -e 's/http.[^<]*//g' |\    #replace other angled brackets with space  sed -e 's/<[^>]*>/ /g' |\    head -n $(($LINES + 2)) |\  tail -n $(($LINES))  


Not software but I have used http://newstoebook.com/ and was impressed with how well it worked.

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