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How do I install Opera and Safari on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 32 bit? Can anyone help? Opera I downloaded but could not get it installed. On the other hand I did not try Safari, even I don't have any idea if Safari has a version for Ubuntu.


Safari doesn't have Linux version. But you can run it using Wine. First install Wine.

sudo apt-get install -y wine  

Then create, download and build directory.

mkdir -p ~/build/safari  cd  ~/build/safari  

Download Safari ( version for windows)

wget http://appldnld.apple.com/Safari5/041-5487.20120509.INU8B/SafariSetup.exe  

Open using wine.

wine SafariSetup.exe  


  1. The latest version of Opera 27 is only for 64-bit systems. If you want to use Opera you should choose an older version:

Opera 12.16 download link for 32-bit Linux

UPDATE: Opera restored 32-bit Linux support since Opera 35: Opera 35 32 bit

Browse Opera official site for necessary packages.

  1. Safari doesn't have Linux version.You cannot run it natively in Ubuntu.

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