Ubuntu: On which device do I install the bootloader when I want to dual boot?


I'm currently trying to install Kubuntu 15.04 alongside Windows 8.1 (already installed). It's on a non-UEFI machine.

My partitions are as follows:

  • sda1 windows installation (500GB SSD)
  • sdb1 HDD just for data (1.9TB)
  • sdb2 very small partition that was already there don't know what it does (367MB)
  • sdb3 the partition I created for Kubuntu (100GB)

Now in the installation menu of Kubuntu where I do the partitioning and so on I also have to choose which device the boot loader gets installed on. Which one do I choose for that?

sda1 where my windows installation is or sdb3 where my Kubuntu installation will be?

The bootloader is for choosing which OS I want to boot in later right? But I have no idea where I have to install it.

Edit: This is what it looks like


You want to run this in Terminal:

sudo grub-install /dev/sda  

Then tell your BIOS to boot off the first hard disk.

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