Ubuntu: On a keyboard layout where caret (^) is a combining key, how do I make it not combing without using the spacebar?


On my keyboard layout, the caret is one of the dead keys, a combining diacritical mark that one has to combine with a second key. e.g. to produce ê I type ^e. To type ^ I need to type ^ spacebar. This is the default behaviour.

However, if I want to type ^b, I need to type three things, ^ spacebar b. ^ b results in nothing, because there is no combination of that combining diacritical character with the letter b.

Is it however possible to configure Ubuntu that it acts as some other systems do: ^ b results in ^b instead of no character at all? In other words: If the second character following a dead key does not have a combination with that combining diacritical character, the result is the dead key "symbol" (in more Unicode terms: the spacing, non-combining, alternative to the combining diacritical mark) plus the 2nd letter, instead of nothing.


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