Ubuntu: not able to reinstall ubuntu 14.04


i am new to ubuntu(new to linux).i have installed ubuntu 14.04 lts a few days ago and encrypted the disk. due to some reason i decided to reinstall the same with help of usb stick but it failed to do so . the reason may be the encryption(i was thinking that reinstalling totally reset everything because i have the pass-phrase of encrypted disk). now whenever i am booting the gnu grub 2.02 is appearing. i am also unable to reinstall. please somebody help to step forward. please help me step forward! is there any criteria to decrypt the same and reinstalling the again...??

i am not able post the screenshots images here!


When you are in the live USB/CD you need to create a new the partition table. To do this open up a terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T type in

sudo gparted-pkexec

Now make sure you have selected the drive that is encrypted, Then click on Device menu and then click on create a partition table then create a msdos partition table. You shoud be fine with installing Ubuntu.

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