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Ubuntu 14.04. I have 2 user accounts. This problems appears only for one of it. I have no more icons on my desktop, neither the launcher, just the desktop picture. Right click still works, so I can access system settings. When using gnome, everything works perfect.


Try changing your screen resloution in system settings to a lower one than currently selected.

I've had such a problem before when using a projector, that could only handle 720p. The settings were 1080p by default and the "overflow" was just cut off, so I could only see the center of the output.


Ty restarting the GDM. To restart GDM, switch to Ctrl+Alt+F1, login, andt ype the command

sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart

Then when you get the [OK], switch back with Ctrl+Alt+F7.


Try to restart unity Get terminal using ctrl+alt+T Run this command

 sudo service gdm restart  

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