Ubuntu: No audio after updating to 15.04


Missing sound after updating form 14.10 to 15.04, installing "Ubuntu restricted extras" doesn’t help. Is there a way fix this or easy way to rollback to 14.10?


Try this: go to the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and type sudo alsa force-reload, press ENTER. A password prompt is going to show up. Insert your password, and press ENTER. Wait for the process to end, reset all your programs and sound should be OK.


Fixing that is simple, just install those two packages : alsa-base and pulseaudio You can do it with this command :

sudo apt-get install alsa-base  sudo apt-get install pulseaudio  

If this doesn't work, please make sure you selected the right audio device in

System Settings > Sound  


I also had the same issue after install 15.04. But managed to fix it by reinstalling Alsa and Pulse Audio. Also, I had to increase volume with Alsamixer.

This article explain everything nicely.


locate the .pulse folder in your home folder. Most probably its going to be under .config. Remove the .pulse folder. Logout and login. That should do the trick.


I've seen this happen in two ways:

  • check in pulseaudio if you have multiple output sources that are not plugged in, and the wrong one is selected as primary. (go to configuration and turn everything you're not using off)
  • an application already binded to a specific sound source. Restart that application after doing the above

Volume Control Screenshot

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