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Netflix Desktop was working fine until I upgraded to Ubuntu 13.10 today. Now, it gives me the message that the silverlight plugin has crashed. I tried different workarounds and to even downgrade my silverlight version to 4--apparently 5 does not work.

I would appreciate help with this issue, and I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing it.


you need to uninstall netflix-desktop and wine-compholio by purging them both

apt-get purge netflix-desktop wine-compholio  

After this is done follow the instructions here:



Thanks! Actually, I was able to solve it a few days ago using the last few comments here. It was determined that my issue had something to do with hw-acceleration. I didn't get the chance to post back here.


If you tried pipelight without success do this:

sudo pipelight-plugin --disable-all

sudo rm /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libpipelight.so

pipelight-plugin --disable-all

In my case the problem was related to hardware acceleration. Running netflix desktop using the command below worked for me:

wine-browser --disable-hw-acceleration

If the above works for you you can make changes to the launcher that will stick until the next update to netflix-desktop by issuing the following commands:

sudo mv /usr/share/wine-browser-installer/hw-accel-default /usr/share/wine-browser-installer/hw-accel-default2

echo -e '#!/bin/sh\nexit 1;' | sudo tee /usr/share/wine-browser-installer/hw-accel-default

sudo chmod +x /usr/share/wine-browser-installer/hw-accel-default

Source: https://answers.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop/+question/237615

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