Ubuntu: Need to copy firmware files at /usr/lib to /lib using terminal


I have a Cubox-i4Pro and I'm running Xubuntu on it. In order to get Wi-Fi working I have to copy the firmware folder "brcm" from /usr/lib/firmware/brcm and make the folder /lib/firmware/brcm. Refer to the article here.


After that, I have to do other stuff. If I may get some help so that I can use Wi-Fi on my Cubox-iPro that would be great. I have to do all this as root so I have to do it all from the terminal. Thanks. :)

P.S. I already know how to get to root. (In the terminal) Is there a way to log in as root so that I can do these things using the Dekstop? There is no root login on the login screen. xD All comments are appreciated.

EDIT: I also need help with the rest of the steps. This step has been solved.


To copy the firmware folder to /lib:

sudo cp /usr/lib/firmware /lib -R  

To make a symbolic link (or softlink/symlink) to /usr/lib/modules/3.10.30-20-ARCH in /lib/modules:

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/modules/3.10.30-20-ARCH /lib/modules/3.10.30-20-ARCH  

Be careful, though. This looks like a path that depends on the kernel version. The modules folder may not even exist.

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