Ubuntu: Need advise on ubuntu partition to install opensuse in dual boot


I have ubuntu 12.04 with below details shown by gparted. Is there any possibility i can squeeze around 100GB from "/" for open suse, or anyway can i install opensuse without damaging current installation.

/dev/sda1/   fat32         DELLUTILITY    /dev/sda2/   fat32         OS    /dev/sda3/   ext4    /     boot  454 GB   128 GB used    /dev/sda4/   extended        /dev/sda5    linux swap    7 GB    


If you only have 128GB out of 450GB used on sda3, you can definitely downsize the partition to install OpenSUSE. Open Gparted in Ubuntu and use it to make sda3 a little smaller. Then select Apply. Make sure not to format it or resize the wrong partition.

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