Ubuntu: Nautilus Actions is not working on Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf


In Ubuntu 14.04 LTS I used to MenuLibre application to create menu items for applications in Unity and Gnome desktop environments as an alternative to edit the text file .desktop of /usr/share/applications.

sudo apt-get install menulibre  

MenuLibre screenshot with custom Nautilus Action

One of the customizations I did was create an action in Nautilus icon context menu "Open as Administrator" with the following lines in /usr/share/applications/nautilus.desktop, not the path of screenshot:

Actions=Window;Administrator;    [Desktop Action Window]  Name=Open a new window  Exec=nautilus --new-window  OnlyShowIn=Unity;    [Desktop Action Administrator]  Name=Open as Administrator  Exec=gksudo "nautilus --new-window"  OnlyShowIn=Unity;  

Taking as its premise that the nautilus-actions extension is already installed by default, builtin in the Ubuntu.

apt-cache show nautilus-actions  apt-cache policy nautilus-actions  

When I click the right mouse button on the "Files" icon, the Nautilus file manager, a drop down context menu was shown to the item "Open as Administrator".

However, in the version 15.10 Wily Werewolf, nothing happens, it seems to me that the nautilus-actions extension is being ignored by Nautilus 3.14.

Does anyone have any idea what might be happening?

PS: I know the nautilus-admin extension, but it is not installed by default in Ubuntu.


I found out the problem!

In all forms of launching the Nautilus application under the [Desktop Entry] tag has a instruction NoDisplay=true. This means that none of them are presented to the user in the Dash. The only icon that appears in the Dash, and consequently is present in Launcher, is generated automatic and dynamically by Nautilus.

cd /usr/share/applications   ls -l nautilus*  -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 588 Nov 14 08:53 nautilus-autorun-software.desktop  -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 662 Nov 14 08:54 nautilus-classic.desktop  -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 549 Nov 14 08:55 nautilus-connect-server.desktop  -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 723 Dez  4 07:00 nautilus.desktop  -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 642 Nov 14 08:55 nautilus-folder-handler.desktop  -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 603 Dez  4 05:33 nautilus-home.desktop  

For this reason it is that appears only a single icon "Files" in the Dash. When I deleted the instruction line NoDisplay=true of file nautilus.desktop, appeared two icons "Files" in the Dash. So I removed the icon "Files" of Launcher and dragged the second icon "Files" from Dash to the Launcher.


Now the drop down context menu of "Files" icon in the Launcher displays the option "Open as Administrator" of the [Desktop Action Administrator] tag.

The final configuration file "nautilus.desktop" was as follows:

[Desktop Entry]  Name=Files  Name[pt_BR]=Arquivos  Comment=Access and organize files  Comment[pt_BR]=Gerenciador de arquivos  Keywords=folder;manager;explore;disk;filesystem;  Exec=nautilus --new-window %U  Icon=system-file-manager  Terminal=false  Type=Application  StartupNotify=true  Categories=GNOME;GTK;Utility;Core;FileManager;  X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Bugzilla=GNOME  X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Product=nautilus  X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Component=general  X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Version=3.14.2  X-GNOME-UsesNotifications=true  X-Unity-IconBackgroundColor=#af4853  X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain=nautilus  Actions=Window;Administrator;    [Desktop Action Window]  Name=Open a new window  Name[pt_BR]=Abrir uma nova janela  Exec=nautilus --new-window  OnlyShowIn=Unity;    [Desktop Action Administrator]  Name=Open as Administrator  Name[pt_BR]=Abrir como Administrador  Exec=gksudo "nautilus --new-window"  OnlyShowIn=Unity;  

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