Ubuntu: middle mouse button acer aspire vn7


My acer aspire v15 nitro comes with a touchpad. Unfortunately there is no middle-mouse button.

Some internet forums talk about pushing the upper right corner for a middle mouse click but that does not seem to do anything on my touchpad neither.

Clicking left and right buttons simultaneously has no effect.

Does anyone have a workable setup for a middle mouse button on this laptop?


If pushing both left and right mouse buttons simultaneously doesn't work I would consider setting up some other 'shortcut' for middle-mouse button. Three-fingers tap seems reasonable for me. You should be able to enable it using the following command in terminal.

synclient TapButton3=2  

TapButton3 means '3 fingers tap' and 2 is the number associated with middle mouse button.
It should work instantly. If so, I would suggest adding this command to 'Startup applications' as it may stop working after reboot. I didn't find any better solution to avoid it.

In general synclient takes care of your touchpad and let you configure it. Just try synclient -l to get list of available actions. Feel free to configure it however you like.


Yes, I found a way that works for the missing 3rd mouse button issue:


Give the guy a credit if it works for you, too.

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