Ubuntu: Macpro Refind Ubuntu installation error


Please someone HELP I have a problem. I am trying to install ubuntu on a macpro6,1 version 10.10.4 running OS X Yosemite. I am trying to install ubtuntu using reFind. The main issue is that when ever i boot EFI and try either the, try ubuntu or install ubuntu option, with or without nomodeset added, i get the following error message:

Booting a command list

error: file `/casper/vmlinuz.efi' not found  unaligned pointer 0xa5a5a5a5  Aborted. press any key to exit.  

I would appreciate your support, if you can lend me ur skills on how to fix this. Thanks


Check the usb-drive/dvd for the file /casper/vmlinuz. Sometimes it has the extension .efi, sometimes not. If the error specifies a missing .efi at the end, add it.

Maybe this thread can help.

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