Ubuntu: Lubuntu dual monitor doesn't save config


I'm using Lubuntu and I have a external monitor (connected using HDMI) to my laptop. Everytime I enter on Lubuntu, both laptop and Monitor are turned on.

What I do: I go to Menu > Preferences > Monitor Settings and I disable the laptop monitor, I click on Apply and I do the same process again but I click on Save his time, just to be sure.


I want to use ONLY the external monitor, I don't want to use the laptop's screen.

But this process is not working, because when I restart or turn the laptopn on again, both screens are turned on again ... seems that it's not saving my config.

Is there a way, maybe editing a file, to save this config? Thanks!


Try this solution :

In terminal :

Type xrandr -----> see what your laptop monitor is called ( maybe LVDS1 )

Now type xrandr --output LVDS1 --off

If its power on after reboot :

add : xrandr --output LVDS1 --offin /etc/rc.local and save .

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