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I'm fairly new to Ubuntu. I'm running 14.04. I'm having an issue with LibreOffice. I created a template (Calibri,16) and saved it as a template, then set it as default template. However, if I open a new sheet, it opens with a different template (Liberation Sans,10). I don't know if this happens to me only.


Chad, Thanks a bunch it worked for me!!!!!

To Create a Default Template

  • Create a document and the content and formatting styles that you want.
  • Choose File - Save As Template.
  • In the New Template box, type a name for the new template.
  • In the Categories list, select "My Templates", and then click OK.
  • Choose File - New - Templates.
  • Double-click the "My Templates" folder.
  • Click on the template that you created, and click Set as Default.
  • Close the dialog.

Taken from: https://help.libreoffice.org/Writer/Changing_the_Default_Template

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