Ubuntu: Kernel update today didn't need password?


I'm here to ask about today's kernel update.

Few days ago (June 15) I updated Ubuntu's kernel to 3.13.0-55.

But strangely, today when I searched for updates, Ubuntu told me to install the same update again. Not just that, but it also didn't asked for the password (something that always happens when installing kernel updates).

Is this something normal?

thank you guys for helping me.


When you run sudo apt-get update for the first time in a day, it will ask for your password. The sudo command by default will store your password in memory for up to 15 minutes. That is why if you run sudo apt-get upgrade shortly after, it will not ask you for a password, until you go and run the commands again later.

From the Ubuntu Security Team FAQ:

Update Manager doesn't prompt for security updates

  • Why does update-manager no longer prompt for the user's password?

    As of Ubuntu 11.10, update-manager no longer prompts for the user's password to apply updates. This was decided to improve usability and to make it easier for users to apply security updates and therefore increase system security. The rationale is as follows:

    • Like in previous releases, by default only people in the admin group are allowed access to perform security updates.
    • Only updates for already installed software can be applied without a password. Installing additional software still requires people to enter their password.
    • The password prompt had become an irritant for some people such that they would just press 'Cancel' instead of installing the updates. The password prompt decreased system security for those users.
    • People that did dutifully apply updates became conditioned to enter their privileged password perhaps daily. When the user is prompted for the password, it should mean something and the frequency of update-manager updates meant that some people no longer thought about why they were entering their password. For these users, the password prompt had the potential to reduce security.

    For environments where this change is deemed not appropriate, this functionality can be disabled by the administrator via PolicyKit or by creating users that are not in the admin group (a recommended practice to begin with).

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