Ubuntu: juju-scaleway specify the ssh key to use?


I'm looking to leverage the new juju-scaleway charm following some of the documentation: https://jujucharms.com/docs/1.20/config-scaleway

I have a separate SSH key for my scaleway work, and I want to leverage that key to enable connections, but I'm unable to determine where I can specify the private key to use. I can see where you can send public key information but I was hoping to use a different key than my default.

Is there an option to say ssh-private-key: ~/.ssh/my-other-key.rsa


I was able to find out the answer to this - it is as simple as ssh-add to add the given key to the chain.

ssh-add ~/.ssh/my-other-key.rsa  

and then

juju scaleway bootstrap  

it no longer asked for the 'root' user.

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