Ubuntu: Is there a log of the output of “bash install.sh [ ]” available for Ubuntu server?


Following the advice of someone on this site I attempted to update a wireless device driver with:

bash install.sh []   

which I ran while in sudo.

The update didn't work and I'm wondering if some part of the script didn't work. Is there a log that would identify failure or success of the script to install the driver?

I've looked at the syslog file but didn't see anything relevant there. There was some feedback while running the script and one line referenced a "127" error but I'm not sure if that is significant based on reading the script.

I'm on an Ubuntu server, no GUI and no Internet as that's the driver that's not working. I know the hardware is okay because I am running Win 7 on the same hardware without issue.

Basically, at this point I'm interested in finding logs or similar in hope of solving the problem.


best I could find on my own (and I'm a newbie) was just running 'apt-get check' for a clue as to how things turned out following an install. Also running 'script' prior to running an 'apt-get install' will capture all the output from the command to file so that you don't have to worry about it scrolling away.

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