Ubuntu: Is Python 2 removed from 14.04 CD images?


I haven't seen an update on the status of removing Python 2 from the CD images, and this page has last been updated late 2013.


No Python2.7 is still there for desktop, check the CD manifest here:

python2.7   2.7.6-8  

But has been removed from the server image (manifest) as explained in the migration plan where desktop is the last target.


For 14.04: server and desktop images

The situation is:

The logic

I quote:

It is a release goal for Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) that we ship only Python 3 on the touch, server, and desktop images. Don't worry, Python 2.7 will still be available in the archive, and more specifically 'main' for now.

Python 2 is removed from the server images, you are absolutely right! For the server, don't worry python2 is still in the repos and can thus easily be installed.

Now the migration to python3 is not completely finished for the desktop (which involves more python packages than the server). The desktop image thus still has python2.

Source: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Python/FoundationsTPythonVersions


According to packages.ubuntu.com Python 2.7.5 is the default version.

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