Ubuntu: Is Client Side Decoration(CSD) dead?


As stated by KWin developer Martin: http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2010/10/kwin-at-uds/

I just wanted someone to confirm it... :-)


It is. A main compiz developer had previously spoken against it here, so it's obvious that with him also working on unity, this "feature" would be dropped.


Yes, it was officially decided at this UDS that client side windows had too many drawbacks to be worth the benefits. The Unity developers, a compiz developer, and a KWin developer have agreed on a new approach that lets window decorations paint the background of the window as well as the decorations. Rejoice.


Unfortunately, client side decorations are alive and well in the GNOME side of the pond, and starting with GTK+ 3.12, GTK applications have CSD enabled by default even on non-GNOME window managers.

This is aweful and completely breaks the user experience for non-GNOME users.

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