Ubuntu: INSTALLING UBUNTU 12.04 fro already downloaded file (installing with pendrive) [duplicate]


I have got this file downloaded:


I have a 64 bit OS and want to install ubuntu 12.04 on it alongside win 7 (which I already ahve on the PC)

I have a Pendrive. how do I install ubuntu using the already downloaded file (given above) and a pendrive?


You can download ubootnetin and turn a USB drive into a bootable install media. Then, go into your BIOS settings and set it to boot from USB, With the USB plugged in, boot the system and install. I do not know if you have used Linux before, but once you install Ubuntu, you will be using the Grub bootloader to boot into Windows. Keep that in mind and save your Ubuntu install media so you can use it as a rescue disk should Windows overwrite the MBR as it is sometimes wont to do.

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