Ubuntu: Installing Samsung m2020 printer


I have found relevant PPD files but it gives me this when I try to print Printer 'Samsung-M2020-Series' requires the '/usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertospl' program but it is not currently installed.


I had the same problem with my Samsung M2070, tried all the commands to make it work with ppd file, but the printer did not work and I had the same message.

The solution was, that I deleted the printer via localhost:631 and downloaded the samsung drivers again. I left them in downloads folder and I followed these instructions to install it properly. The printer started to work immediately after the installation finished. Before, I used different instructions and it seems that it wasn't correct.

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Nick Follett
15 February 2018 at 00:04 delete

Hi - I'm going mad trying to solve the same issue; the difference is, after an apparently successful install of the correct (ULD) drivers, the printer is not getting linked to the correct driver; in fact I can't locate them at all.

Now, when I plug in the printer via USB, it automatically uses the generic-text-only driver, which doesn't work.

The model is not available in the "choose driver" list either - and similar models' drivers do print, but only a page telling me to use the correct driver!

Is there a possibility the files are not being created properly? I'm afraid I'm not exactly an expert.