Ubuntu: Installing development libraries on 14.04


I am trying to build some application for both amd64 and i386 architectures. Host architecture is amd64. So i compile and link with -m32. Compilation is done ok but linker cannot find libraries. Installing of i386 development libraries (for example apt-get install libfltk-dev:i386) deletes related amd64 libraries and vice versa. So the question is how to install/keep development libraries for both architectures?



I don't think that you need libfltk-dev. Because dev packages contain headers, and headers are the same for all architectures (this is probably a reason why they conflict).

To make the linker happy, something like libfltk1.3:i386 or libfltk1.1:i386 is needed. Packages of this kind contain shared libraries.

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