Ubuntu: Installed Ubuntu on partition. Can't Boot windows 7 anymore


I am running Windows 7 on my computer since I built it but a few days ago I was inspired to also try out Ubuntu. I managed to get Ubuntu installed a seperate partition and its running fine. The problem is on boot-up my computer instantly goes into Ubuntu and I have no option to choose between the two. I tried looking into my BIOS but there's nothing there either to choose between the two OS. And I've effectively 'lost' Windows 7, even though its still on the Drive. How do I repair my boot-loader as of now I am able to boot in to Ubuntu only?


If you don't see any boot leader and Ubuntu starts directly then you have to edit your grub file. Follow these steps. Press Crtl+Alt+T to open Terminal or search Terminal from dash.

Then enter following command :

sudo gedit /etc/default/grub   

Change following lines as (Remove comment (#) before any of the lines given below,change values as below wherever necessary):


Then save the file (Crtl+S) and run following command in terminal.

sudo update-grub  

Reboot your system and it should work fine.


Try boot repair or re-installing the grub. Here is the link for help.

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