Ubuntu: Importing a Python module works from command line, but not from PyCharm


My default Python binary is set to the one with the Anaconda distribution of Python. This is found at /home/karnivaurus/anaconda/bin/python, and I have made this the default by adding to my .bashrc file the following: export PATH=/home/karnivaurus/anaconda/bin:$PATH.

I also have a Python package called caffe, which is located at /home/karnivaurus/caffe/distribute/python, and I have added this to the package search path by adding to my .bashrc file the following: export PYTHONPATH=${PYTHONPATH}:/home/karnivaurus/caffe/distribute/python.

Now, I have a simple Python file, called test.py, with the following contents:

import caffe  print "Done."  

If I run this by entering python test.py into the terminal, it runs fine, printing out "Done.". The problem I am having is when I run this in the PyCharm IDE. In PyCharm, I have set the interpreter to be /home/karnivaurus/anaconda/bin/python. But when I open test.py in PyCharm, and run the file in the IDE, I get the following error:

ImportError: No module named caffe  

So my question is: Why can PyCharm not find the caffe module when it runs the Python script, but it can be found when I run the script from the terminal?

Thank you!


As ByteCommander said in a comment, PyCharm doesn't use bashrc, so it doesn't know where your library is.

In the same screen where you added the interpreter you can see a wheel icon, click it, it will show you a menu, click on more. You should see a screen like this:

PyCharm Interpreter configuration

You should select your interpreter and click on the last button. This should open this window:

Interpreter paths configuration

Now clicking on the plus icon you should be able to add your own paths for libraries.


Programs started from the Ubuntu launcher do not read .bashrc. As an alternative to setting the paths in PyCharm, you can simply start PyCharm from a Bash shell to give it access to the environment variables you set in .bashrc.

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