Ubuntu: I want to use the Chromium Browser. I can't for some reason


My processor is a x86_64 GNU/Linux

I have recently downloaded "chomium-browser" although I can not access it's properties. I can NOT use google chrome for what it is. It's basically just an Icon sitting on my app thing. Please help me.

I'm pretty sure it's installed correctly, it just wont work. :(

This is what happens if I run it from terminal:

chromium-browser error

Thank you,

Aksana B.


It seems your user doesn't have permission to access the folder ~/.config/chromium.

As suggested in this thread at Ubuntu forums, you have to delete this folder and let chromium create the next time you start it.

So type sudo rm -rf ~/.config/chromium in a terminal window. Now start your browser normally. The problem should be fixed.

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