Ubuntu: I can't boot into windows: error: unknown command 'drivemap'; invalid EFI file path [duplicate]


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I had Windows 8.1 alongside Ubuntu and all worked well. After a problem with my video configs I decided to unistall Ubuntu and I made a fatal mistake: deleted the Linux partition. After that I couldn't boot into windows. So, I decided reinstall Ubuntu at the same partition used before. But until now I'm unable to use the Microsoft OS. After trying any several ways to solve the problem, I installed boot-repair and get this error:

unknown command 'drivemap'  invalid EFI file path  

Here is the boot-repair log file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7832988/

My computer is an Asus Vivobook i7 64bits.

Can someone help me?


Use the Windows 8 disc, or the repair disc that came with your computer, boot from the disc and repair the Windows MBR.

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