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I've been having some boot problems with it so I have Ubuntu and booted from the Drive. I wanted to update my BIOS to fix this issue but I don't have my product key so I looked up the website ( HP website that is ) and it could detect my product key so I tried it and it said that it only works for Windows and underneath that, it said that I should install Any of the following ( Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Chrome) browsers and I thought that I could use wine to run IE 8.

So can I get another software to run Windows things? remember I am booting from usb.


@Cornelius answer will probably solve your WINE problem but:


If I understand correctly, you are trying to run a program that updates your BIOS. If that is the case, YOU CAN ONLY DO THAT WITH A NATIVE PROGRAM.

  1. It will definitely not work on a virtual machine (it will try to update the virtual machine's BIOS, not your real machine's one).

  2. Under WINE will probably fail to run, but it could even run and that could be MUCH more dangerous --- it could fail midway updating your BIOS and then you have a very expensive brick instead of a PC.

You can run the BIOS updater only with the operating system you downloaded it for. If it's Windows, so Windows. Sometime the manufacturer offer a MS-DOS version of the updater, that you can run in a bootable Free-DOS (search google) USB. Sometime no, and you have to ask them.

For example, to update the BIOS of my Samsung Chronos laptop, I had to install Windows in it. Sad.

For additional information see:





No, you can't run Windows programs on Linux unless you use:

  • Wine
  • a virtual Windows machine

You can't update your BIOS using virtualisation!

Linux uses ELF format for executables while Windows uses MZ format.

For the errors you get you could try:

sudo apt-get install -f  sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386  sudo apt-get update  sudo apt-get install wine  


I found this post on HP site.

You need to install Windows in another partition on your hard drive or on a second hard drive.
Then you can install the BIOS patch.
Windows 7 install CD is available for 30 day trial here

After BIOS patch you can remove Windows 7

For some BIOS you can use FreeDOS, but I do not think that HP supports it


If you want to flash your BIOS without installing Windows you can try to boot from Windows Recovery or Installation CD and press Repair your computer. Then you can get a flash drive with the BIOS update .exe and run that from command line in the Windows Recovery Console.

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