Ubuntu: how to update dual boot windows 7 / ubuntu 13.04 to 14.04


I currently have ubuntu 13.04 installed, dual boot with Windows 7

I am unsure of how to do a clean install of ubuntu 14.04 as a dual boot with windows 7 (i dont mind loosing the entire ubuntu/linux partitions for a clean install)

any suggestions or guidance would be most welcome

Thank you

EDIT:- thank you all (I am editing/ to update this question as suggested clayton), I need to delete another partition, I tried to install 12.04 LTS and need to remove that

Ideally, I would like to do a clean install of all and remove ubuntu completely, than a fresh install of 14.04 (and this time with a more space allocated) Apologies I did not mention this earlier


Simple! You can just update from your Ubuntu 13.04 up to 14.04! It takes a while, but what you do is go to your software updater, and once you have all your updates installed, chose to upgrade to 13.10, then to 14.04! It's that easy and doesn't require a full reinstall of the system.


During the system setup, there is an option for "something else" when partitioning. If you look into this, you can format the partition for Ubuntu 13.04 and mark it to install Ubuntu 14.04. This will leave your Windows 7 partition untouched.


In the application menu for gnome search "update manager" and proceed to update. You don't need to delete your current file system.

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