Ubuntu: How to transfer Launchpad SSH and OpenPGP keys to another computer?


I maintain some PPAs at launchpad. I created SSH and OpenPGP keys for that.

If I need to update a PPA from another computer, I will have to transfer these keys there.

I tried to export and import them using Seahorse (Keys & Passwords), but they did not want to import.

What is the easiest way to transfer keys?


Seahorse' Export function only exports public keys, not private ones.

You can easily export the private key from the command line using gpg --export-secret-keys [key-id] > secret.pgp.

An alternative would be to migrate the whole ~/.gnupg folder to the new machine (you might have to fix some permission issues afterwards, mostly making sure you and only you can read and write from/to that folder).

Private SSH keys are usually stored in ~/.ssh, I'd also simply just copy the whole folder to the new machine.

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