Ubuntu: How to set proxy settings in ubuntu software center?


I have been using windows 7 and to update windows i configured netsh winhttp settings by using command: netsh winhttp set proxy That worked for windows update and many other softwares. Is there a way i can put proxy settings throughout the computer that would work for software center and other softwares?


Yes , Go to Settings -> Network -> Network Proxy -> Manual -> Apply System Wide


As Mahyar Pasarzangene said, you can set the proxy using System settings -> Network -> Network Proxy and then choosing "Manual" proxy and setting your host and port no. and then applying the settings system-wide.

However, if you are using authenticated proxy, i.e. you have a username and password for your proxy, you need to set it as follows:

Open a terminal(Ctrl+Alt+t) and then type the following:

sudo nano /etc/apt/apt.conf  

and set your username and password as follows:

Acquire::http::proxy "http://username:password@host:port_no/";  Acquire::https::proxy "https://username:password@host:port_no/";  Acquire::ftp::proxy "ftp://username:password@host:port_no/";  Acquire::socks::proxy "socks://username:password@host:port_no/";  

You will not have username@password when you open this document, but you should put your username and password as shown above, separated by a : and then separated by @ with the host.

If you have any special characters in your password, replace it with its HTML code.


if you are using authenticated proxy then you can use this trick
First go to Sytem settings -> Network -> Network Proxy
choose "Manual" and write
user:pass@proxy (NOT ONLY PROXY)in proxy column and port in the port column.
Apply the settings system wide.
This may solve your problem.

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