Ubuntu: How to set default zoom in evince?


I really love how evince works but this little thing making me annoy so much.When i select a title or a subtitle from the content menu it shifts the zoom and I'am going crazy.On windows it was just easy as pie with foxit but its linux version really needs time.Any solution or advice would make me grateful


this should work.

open up a terminal and type:

gsettings set org.gnome.Evince allow-links-change-zoom false   


To set the default zoom, you can either set it in the program and then go to edit > 'save current settings as default' or select your value and run

gsettings set org.gnome.Evince.Default zoom 1.75  

However, i think what you are really referring to is when, say you have a big zoom level of 175% and you have the sidebar enabled and continuous mode enabled, scrolling to the next page upsets the zoom. This makes the page go off centre and you have to adjust it manually each time, as the first screenshot below shows.

To change this behaviour, the only real fix is to select the 'fit page width' option by going to view > 'fit page width'. Then go to edit > 'save current settings as default'. This will eliminate the issue, as the second screenshot shows, although the zoom level will drop a bit as you can't set a zoom level and have the 'fit page width' option enabled.

enter image description here

enter image description here


This issue seems to be related to dconf and Evince apparmor settings. A possible solution is buried at this link:



  1. First, install dconf-tools:

    apt-get install dconf-tools  
  2. Then reconfigure apparmor:

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure apparmor  
  3. Configuration will ask for the path to your home folder. Which is generally:


This helped me.


Simple run $dconf-editor then org/gnome/evince or search via strg + f after opening the editor.
Then change the default settings default/continuous/zoom etc.

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