Ubuntu: How to save screenshots as JPG automatically?


I want to make all screenshots I take jpeg automatically -- not png. I am using Ubuntu 12.04.


The default tool gnome-screenshot doesn't provide this feature yet. There is a bug report; I suggest to mark that it affects you, too. Since 2008 there is a patch for that - but it seems that it never made it into the package ...


Im not sure what software you are using to capture screen-shots, however if you need more control to save Screenshots as a certain file type (jpg etc) or to change where you want to save them, try "Shutter", Its available in the software centre, it will give you more options you require and more.


Open "dconf-editor"

"dconf editor" is available for installation in the ubuntu software center

navigate to org > gnome > gnome-screenshot and change the default-file-type png to jpg.

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