Ubuntu: How to run “SYLT Editor” after installation?


After installing SYLT Editor by running its package file, I can't seem to run it from anywhere. It's neither been added to the start menu, nor is it possible to run it from command line. Where can I find it?

p.s. content of typescript:

Script started on Sun 16 Aug 2015 04:23:49 PM IRDT [01;32mmeysam@meysam-pc[01;34m /media/meysam/Data/Software/Media/LyricsEditor $[00m ./SYLT\ Editor\ 1.1.5108.package

rm: cannot remove '/usr/local/share/applications/sylteditor.desktop': No such file or directory rm: cannot remove '/media/meysam/Data/Software/Media/LyricsEditor/autopackage.2818912610/meta/@compuphase.com/sylteditor:1.1.5108': Directory not empty [01;32mmeysam@meysam-pc[01;34m /media/meysam/Data/Software/Media/LyricsEditor $[00m Script done on Sun 16 Aug 2015 04:25:27 PM IRDT

And the final window: enter image description here

The content of /usr/local/share/applications/sylteditor.desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]  Actions=Apkg-Verify;Apkg-Remove;  Categories=AudioVideo;Audio;X-Red-Hat-Base;  Comment=A utility to create or modify SYLT frames in MP3 tracks, for synchronized lyrics or text.  Exec=/opt/sylteditor/bin/sylteditor  GenericName=SYLT Editor  Icon=syltedit32  MimeType=text/plain;  Name=SYLT Editor  StartupNotify=true  Terminal=false  TryExec=/opt/sylteditor/bin/sylteditor  Type=Application  Version=1.1  X-Autopackage=@compuphase.com/sylteditor:1.1.5108    [Desktop Action Apkg-Verify]  Exec=package verify sylteditor  Icon=package  Name=Verify Package  Name[de]=Validieren Paket  Name[en]=Verify Package  Name[es]=Verifique El Paquete  Name[fr]=Vérifier l'emballage  Name[it]=Verifichi Il Pacchetto  Name[nl]=Pakket Controleren    [Desktop Action Apkg-Remove]  Exec=/usr/libexec/autopackage/autosu-gtk --root-only package remove sylteditor  Icon=package  Name=Remove Package  Name[de]=Entfernen Paket  Name[en]=Remove Package  Name[es]=Quite El Paquete  Name[fr]=Enlevez Le Paquet  Name[it]=Rimuova Il Pacchetto  Name[nl]=Pakket Verwijderen  


Install via

cd  wget http://www.compuphase.com/software/sylteditor-1.1.5108.tar.gz  tar xf sylteditor-1.1.5108.tar.gz  ./SYLT\ Editor\ 1.1.5108.package  

after the installation is finished, the desktop file is in






depending on your installation method (with sudo password or without).

To show the executable, run the command below

grep 'Exec.*/bin/sylt' ~/.local/share/applications/sylteditor.desktop  


grep 'Exec.*/bin/sylt' /usr/local/share/applications/sylteditor.desktop  


grep 'Exec.*/bin/sylt' /usr/share/applications/sylteditor.desktop  

SYLT editor is a 32-bit application. Therefore you have to install some i386 libraries.

sudo apt-get install libwxbase2.8-0:i386  sudo apt-get install libwxgtk2.8-0:i386  sudo apt-get install libwxgtk-media2.8-0:i386  

enter image description here

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