Ubuntu: How to rename file extension to lowercase?


I know this question has been asked (and answered) before, but it seems my situation is unique, because I cannot have any of the solution to work.

Running, I need to rename all my photos from *.JPG to *.jpg.

Let's say I don't need recursive, just all the pictures in the same folder.

The problem I meet is this one:

mv: ‘P1010521.JPG’ and ‘p1010521.jpg’ are the same file  

Same problem using rename, with that kind of command:

rename 's/\.JPG$/.jpg/' *.JPG  P1020558.JPG not renamed: P1020558.jpg already exists  


It is really simple:

  1. Rename to something else than the same value with different case

    rename 's/\.JPG$/\.jpgaux/' *.JPG  
  2. Now rename that something else to .jpg back again, but lowercase this time

    rename 's/\.jpgaux$/\.jpg/' *.jpgaux  

Demo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8853245/

Source: How to change extension of multiple files from command line? Thanks to Chakra!


IF KasiyA is right in his comment, and I think he is, OP's problem is that a similarly named file already exists. If that is the case, the script will have to check if the targeted file name (lowercase) already exists, and (only) if so, rename the original file additionally (not only lowercase extension) to prevent the name error, e.g.




since image1.jpg would raise an error

If so, a python solution to rename could be:

#!/usr/bin/env python3    import os  import shutil  import sys    directory = sys.argv[1]  for file in [f for f in os.listdir(directory) if f.endswith(".JPG")]:          newname = file[:file.rfind(".")]+".jpg"          if os.path.exists(directory+"/"+newname):                  newname = "renamed_"+newname          shutil.move(directory+"/"+file, directory+"/"+newname)  

The script renames:

image1.JPG -> image1.jpg  

but if image1.jpg already exists:

image1.JPG -> renamed_image1.jpg  

How to use

Copy the script into an empty file, save it as rename.py, make it executable and run it by the command:

<script> <directory_of_files>  


This works best I think, as perl supports running code in the regex

rename -n 's/(\.[A-Z]+$)/lc($1)/ge' *.*[A-Z]*

remove the -n to actually rename the files

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