Ubuntu: How to open a window in background without letting it get the focus? [duplicate]


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  1. Open a program that is starting slowly
  2. Not wait for it to open, and switch to other window/task. For e.g. selecting some files in a directory to delete
  3. While I am working focused on other task (selecting files) that program, after a few seconds, opens and covers everything

The desired behavior:

Do not open on top of all windows and distract me while I am working on other task, instead display a notification in side panel so I will open that window when I'll want (when I'll finish my current task)

launcher with highlighted icon

What happens instead:

That program doesn't care what I am doing at the moment, it just opens rude in my face and covers everything.

This looks like a very minor problem, but it happens to me almost every day and already started to annoy me.


You can achieve that with gdevilspie

configuration screenshot

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