Ubuntu: How to mount.cifs for writing in home network


I need to mount a directory /home/MyUser/Share to another computer as an equivalent to smb://IP_address/share that enables me writing into files there via Nautilus.

Even for MyUser being a sudoer, my attempts

sudo mount -t cifs //IP_address/share /home/MyUser/Share -o username=User_at_IP_address,noexec<   


sudo mount.cifs //IP_address/share /home/MyUser/Share -rw  

enable reading only and

sudo mount --make-shared /home/MyUser/Share  

does not enable writing, too.

A standard user can use pkexec instead of sudo or change his account via the su command, but the problem with user rights to write is then even greater.
Please advise me the correct steps. Thanks!


I use

sudo mount -t cifs -o credentials=/root/.credentials,uid=myusernameonclient,gid=users //IP_address_share /home/myusername/mountpoint  

I think this: uid=myusernameonclient,gid=users is what you will need to change. The .credential file includes

username=myusernameOntheserver  password=mypasswordtoaccesstheshare  domain=thedomainname  

You will not need that, if you access the share without credentials.

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