Ubuntu: How to integrate projectM in VLC?


I have installed both VLC and projectM (PulseAudio) from the Software Center, but I the visualizations that appear in Audio -> Visualizations have not changed. How can I launch the projectM visualizations from VLC.

(I'm using Ubuntu 11.10.)



Project M is not automatically integrated into VLC (or any application that I know of). You would need to find a plugin for the application that allows you to use Project M's visualizations.

To my knowledge, there is no existing plugin for VLC that allows you to do this. So, like spm says, you will need to start projectM-pulseaudio separately.


You can't as far as I know.

The command to start the visualizations is projectM-pulseaudio just type that into a terminal or command window and it'll open in a separate window.

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