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In file included from channel.cpp:20:0:  header.h:4:21: fatal error: vlc/vlc.h: No such file or directory   #include <vlc/vlc.h>                       ^  compilation terminated.  make: *** [.obj/channel.o] Error 1  


In all supported versions of Ubuntu vlc.h is provided by libvlc-dev. This package contains headers and a static library required to build standalone applications that use VLC features. To install libvlc-dev open the terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install libvlc-dev    

When libvlc-dev is installed, the path to vlc/vlc.h is /usr/include/vlc/vlc.h


@karel answer is the correct one. But in the spirit of "teach them to fish": if you need to find which package provides a certain file, install apt-file

sudo apt-get install apt-file  sudo apt-file update  

(repeat the update from time to time) and then, in your case:

[romano:~] % apt-file search vlc/vlc.h      libvlc-dev: /usr/include/vlc/vlc.h  

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