Ubuntu: how to install microsoft office 2010 in ubuntu 14.04 without playonlinux or wine


I can't install microsoft Office 2010 or 2007 with Wine or Playonlinux.

Is there another way to install?

Thank for your help


If you need an MS Office compatible package, there are several versions available that are near 100% compatible, e.g. LibreOffice, version 4.2+ is available in the Ubuntu Software Center as 'LibreOffice'
(Make sure to select exactly that, not single applications)

Alternatively https://www.libreoffice.org/ has an all new (at the time of writing) version 5.0+, but that version is likely to require some manual work to install.
(This is likely to appear as an update in the Ubuntu Software Center as verified to be working in Ubuntu - allow some time)

If you need to have EXACTLY "MS Office" your remaining alternative is to install Windows in a "Virtual Machine"
(Install Virtualbox or VMWare first, then present a Windows install disk to it, progress to install software as usual)


Native Microsoft Office won't work on linux natively.

If you have a Microsoft Windows License, go just ahead and install it in virtualbox and on it your office suite.

If you don't own a Microsoft Windows License , you'll have to use wine or playonlinux as abstraction layer to work with Microsoft Office.

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