Ubuntu: How to install an application from gitweb


I need to get the latest available version of an application called arm which is a terminal monitor for Tor.

The download instructions [on the application webpage][2] has a link to an older version that I can get through a package in Ubuntu. The latest version is available in the gitweb. I downloaded it by using snapshot and then tried to build it on Ubuntu 12.04 from its source by using (./configure && make && make install). I got an error that says bash: ./configure: No such file or director

Any idea how can I install the application from gitweb or how to get the latest version of the application that I want.

Thanks in advance!


There is no configure script in this program. Do that:

  1. cd into the directory of this application
  2. chmod +x ./install
  3. ./install

The install program will invoke the setup.py script appropriately. This assumes you already have all the dependencies necessary to build the program.

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