Ubuntu: How to get rid off Grey bar in Libre Office?


While Copying some texts from Internet to Libre Office a grey bar appears as like that screenshot that i have attached, why so?

How to eliminate this ?

What is the reason of that? I'm using Libre Office 5 in Ubuntu 14.04. Libre Office Writer Grey


If you want to remove all these grey things simultanously:

  1. Copy one of these grey bars.

  2. Press Ctrl+H

  3. On the appeared window of Find - Replace paste the grey bar to the space for "Find"

  4. On the space for "Replace" just type an empty space with Space button.

  5. Press on the button "Replace All"


In order not to apply the formatting of a HTML page you can use the insert function Edit > Paste Special… or the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-V.

You will see the dialog below. Select Unformatted Text.

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