Ubuntu: How to get intel graphics drivers for 14.04?


I did some looking around and it seems like there was, at one time, an intel-made graphics program for Ubuntu 14.04. But it seems that they have since started only supporting 14.10 (which is ridiculous, considering 14.04 is LTS), and I was wondering how I could get the old program that worked with 14.04, from a website download or whatever. I have a 2012 MacBook Pro with an Intel HD 4000, if that helps in the matter. And of course if there are other ways to get drivers for this particular card-I remember being able to do it straight through the Additional Drivers program back when I had an Nvidia laptop-that would be great too. Thanks in advance.


See this post at Intel's forums for explanation: https://01.org/comment/2141#comment-2141


There are no proprietary drivers for Intel (which is the reason you use another interface for installing the nvidia drivers - they're provided as binary blobs. In case you want to have more up-to-date drivers for your intel graphics card, you can add this ppa:


but I would not recommend it since it could lead to instabilities.

See also: How do I find a proprietary driver for the Intel graphics card I have?

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