Ubuntu: How to easily tell what package something is in without knowing its command-line name? [duplicate]


I have read this How do I figure out what package something is in without resorting to Google? and understand how to tell what package a certain command is in, however I still have a problem, how do I tell what package a program is in if I don't even know how to launch through command-line because I have no idea of its name (which is precisely the problem)?

So, to give an example, I recently wanted to file a bug report against the program known as "Software & Updates" in the GUI, however I had no idea what its name in the command-line was nor what package it was in.
I tried running apt-file search "Software & Updates", but the results weren't very useful and I ended up having to ask around and finally found out it was in the software-properties-gtk package. Is there not another more efficient way of finding out what package something is in?

OS Information:

No LSB modules are available.  Distributor ID: Ubuntu  Description:    Ubuntu 15.04  Release:    15.04  Codename:   vivid  Flavour: GNOME  GNOME Version: 3.16  


It's not perfect, but the WM_CLASS property usually holds the package name and/or binary name. You can retrieve an application's WM_CLASS property with the xprop command:

xprop WM_CLASS    

Your mouse cursor will turn to crosshairs. Click on the program. xprop will return the property.

enter image description here

So far I haven't found an application where this doesn't work, but it is possible some won't have the information you want held in the WM_CLASS property.

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