Ubuntu: How to disable touchpad tapping when typing on keyboard?


I used to have an option in settings in Kubuntu 10.10 to do this. Now I cannot find it in 11.04. Where can I find it ? or was it removed ?


Direct link to the window manager-independent solution: http://www.webupd8.org/2009/11/ubuntu-automatically-disable-touchpad.html


I just found the solution for the problem:

  1. install kde-config-touchpad package.
  2. Run Utilities->Touchpad Management and the application will have the option in GUI.


Use synclient (for Synaptic devices, i.e. most touchpads), which (as of 14.04) ships by default with Ubuntu:

$ synclient TouchpadOff=1  

turns the touchpad off

$ synclient TouchpadOff=0  

turns it back on.

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