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I am getting the following error:

/bin/bash: ccfilter: command not found  

when I issue the :make command in vim. I need to install (or build) the ccfilter binary but I can't find it. Where can I find it? I looked in /usr/share/vim and I didn't see it.

This is for Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS.


You shouldn't need ccfilter to use :make. ccfilter seems to date from Vim 5. There is no mention of it in the current Vim documentation except for a filename change noted in version5.txt.

The default setting of the 'errorformat' option should work for many compilers. You can also use the :compiler command with the name of your compiler to optimize 'errorformat' for that compiler. If you have an uncommon compiler, you may need set the value 'errorformat' yourself to get something that works well for you. Finding the value of 'errorformat' for an unsupported compiler is not straightforward, but it's not hard--it just takes some fiddling and experimentation.

The :make command does not use ccfilter by default. The error message you're seeing suggests that one of your configuration files is telling Vim to use ccfilter. The ccfilter man page, found in $VIMFILES/tools/ccfilter.1 in distributions that include it, suggests using ccfilter as follows.

:set shellpipe=\|&ccfilter\>  

So, when you see that error message, you could execute

:verbose set shellpipe?  

which will show you where 'shellpipe' was last set. Edit that file and remove that line. There may be a line like the following nearby.

:set errorformat=%f:%l:%c:%t:%m  

Remove that line, too, so that Vim can use its default 'errorformat'.

That should fix the problem.

You can find out more about using :make here.

:help 30.1  :help :make  :help compiler-select  :help errorformats  

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