Ubuntu: How to change the spacing of formula objects in Libreoffice Writer


I'm inserting scientific formulae into a document in Libreoffice Writer within a paragraph using Insert>Object>Formula, and the spacing either side of the formula object is too large for the required formatting.

For example after the object any punctuation, like a full stop, is displaced too far from the formula. Can I change the general settings of formula objects so that they all have a user specified spacing?

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I found the wrapping options and have solved the issue for specific formula objects.

For those experiencing the same issue:

  1. Right click on the object (in my case a formula).

  2. From the options that appear in the drop down menu select "Object" (you can also press the "o" key as a shortcut). This will bring up a new widow showing that object's specific properties.

  3. From the available tabs in this window click on "Wrap".

  4. You should see a window like the one shown below; under the "Spacing" heading check to see what the spacing distance is for "Left" and "Right".

enter image description here

  1. Set the values in "Left" and "Right" to zero (or any other setting you may need). Then click "OK".

Note: This will only effect the settings for that particular object, not all objects in you file.

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